RSA More Than A Pill

Motion Design

Nathalie Spencers’ argument focuses on the preventative and social means which can be taken in relation to the rise of acute illnesses and injuries as noticed by the pressured NHS. As a society we have become more reliant on conventional healthcare as a means of treatment once the problem has escalated.The “Big Idea” surrounding this piece revolves around the pursuit of health as a personal journey, encouraging people to take charge of their own health and improve their wellbeing. The eye, a revealing factor of an individuals health, becomes a representation of this

inward course. The circle is a constant driving force throughout the animation, keeping the progress in motion and representative of the individual in search of a better lifestyle and in turn becoming their own cataylst for change. Along it’s travels, it encounters other circles, abstractly creating social networks to encourage this movement. Each action has a reaction, similar to the small steps that can be taken to better your health.The animation comes full circle, beginning and ending on the eye to illustrate the end of the journey.