DRS 2018

Brand Identity

Focusing on the theme of the conference for the year "Catalyst", the identity for DRS 2018 (Design Research Society) looks at the process behind design. The foundation of design comes down to human beings engaging with the world around them. Man as the designer becomes the catalyst. Now more than ever, the designer is conscious of the environment and sympathetic in their approach. The identity is based on three stages, three shapes and three colours creating a mark which is adaptable, reflecting the ever changing nature of the research process. The three selected shapes, circle, triangle, square are the foundation of good design, reflecting its purity and simplicity. The three selected colours

are tints of Red, Green, Blue representing diversity on the colour wheel. The three stages of the design process are dissected into: 1. Observation and extraction, 2. Research and Analysis, 3. Innovation. The identity consists of four lines framing the three stages. The two middle lines represent the research and analysis process. The solid lines represent the start and end of the process. The visuals parallel the identity with the three stages represented: observation and extraction, research and analysis and the final stage innovation. The shapes are representative of the designer whilst the different organic and natural backgrounds represent the designer’s surroundings, informing and inspiring their work.

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